May. 27th, 2018

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As some people will know, a bunch of wonderful people led by my wonderful wife have put in a huge amount of effort to improve our local playground. Karen put in a huge amount of work - she started the project, project managed, fundraised, coordinated volunteers and got down and dirty planting trees and making willow structures. The culmination of this was yesterday when the mayor officially opened the new slide.

But now, less than 24 hours later, some morons have decided to trash the place. The grass on the mound needs some time to settle in, so it had been taped off - that's been destroyed. And then just for "fun", they decided to ruin the willow house as well: The willow house at Mirfield Memorial Park, now broken.

This has left us with one very fed up wife, one upset son and a lot of children that are going to be disappointed as well.

Thank you to all the good people in this world that take the time to help others. And those of you that just want to destroy things, probably best to keep out of my way right now.

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