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September's reading:
  •  The Atrocity Archives (Charlie Stross): as noted last time out, you'd probably expect I'd have read this already, but I never had. I really enjoyed the first half ("The Atrocity Archive" itself) as I'm always a sucker for Lovecraftian sci-fi, but wasn't so taken by "The Concrete Jungle". Overall the whole thing reads as what Pratchett might have written if he were writing stuff set in the modern day, which isn't a bad thing (and I do very much like Good Omens as well...). Will probably seek out some more of the series sometime.
  • Flood (Stephen Baxter): I have a funny relationship with Stephen Baxter. He's an author I always think I should like more than I do, which leads to me owning quite a lot of his work... but never actually enjoying it very much. Flood was OK - an interestingly different take on climate change, but still not one that really grabbed me at all.
  • Moons of the Solar System (James A. Hall III): a largely tedious gazetteer of every known moon in the Solar System (i.e. a natural satellite which orbits something other than the Sun). While some of these bodies (Enceladus, Europa, Ganymede) are definitely interesting, some have some cool orbital mechanics (Epimetheus and Janus) and it's vaguely interesting to know that some asteroids have moons, the vast majority of moons are just boring lumps of rock. Then for added confusion, some almost entirely unrelated appendices.
As of 1st October, the only thing on the reading list was Skeen's Leap, but I've actually worked my way through Gene Mapper and started on The Stars are Legion since then.

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