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 July started off very slow as a reading month, but picked up at the end while I was away in Pembrokeshire for a week. Anyway, I read:
  • The Night Clave (Monte Cook and Shanna Germain): a Numenera novel so while set in an RPG universe, probably never going to be a straight up dungeon crawl - and it certainly isn't, being essentially a voyage of self-discovery as to what really matters for one of the characters. Enjoyable enough, but felt a bit too padded to me - maybe would have been better in a novella type format. As an aside, I dare anyone to watch Strand and not want to play in the Numenera universe afterwards...
  • The Abyss Beyond Dreams (Peter F. Hamilton): back in Hamilton's Commonwealth universe, which is never a bad start and again sees people (well, in this case, mostly Nigel Sheldon) battling the Void, although this time from the inside. A lot of this book felt like a rehash of the Void trilogy itself - following the rise of individual through a Void-influenced society, much as Edeard did. Not quite sure where Hamilton's going with this one, but I'm sure I'll read Night without Stars, the second half of the series sometime.
  • The Long Mars (Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter): while I was really taken with The Long Earth, I wasn't so grabbed by The Long War in which not much really happened. Fortunately, The Long Mars rectifies that with two major plotlines, both of which grab the attention and show how the Long Earth (or as it's not a spoiler given the title of the book, the Long Mars) really starts to shape societies. Still obviously setting some things up for later books, but I'll be back to read them pretty soon.
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