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Another post on the long-running Vega+ saga. Vague apologies if this is of no interest to you, but there seems to be some confusion around all this which it's worth clearing up...

The Vega+ is running Fuse. Nobody disputes this. As noted last year, the Fuse team had nothing to do with the port of Fuse to the Vega+ - as it happens, the port was done by Private Planet, a company owned by Janko Mrsic-Flogel, Retro Computer's CTO. As required by the GNU GPL, RCL have released the code for the port; this was the first time I (or anyone outside of RCL / Private Planet as far as I know) had seen the source code for the port.

I had a look at the port last week and "live tweeted" my findings. To summarise here:
  • This is a good faith effort to comply with the GPL. It's not perfect as the libspectrum source should be available as well. but it's better than a lot of efforts. The inclusion of the build instructions explaining how to build it is one of the most often overlooked GPL requirements and RCL did include those.
  • That said, it's technically not a great port. The changes are monkey-patched into the generated files rather than being included properly.
  • Therefore I took the port and tidied it up a bit.
It's worth noting here exactly what the tidied up port does and doesn't do:
  • It doesn't fix any issues in the final binary, it just makes it all easier to work with so if anybody does find any issues and wants to fix them it will be easier to do so.
  • More crucially than that, it doesn't give a way to load the binary onto the Vega+. That's not something I can help with without a device, and quite probably not even then (whether I would be inclined to help is a different question and one I don't know the answer to at the moment).
  • Any changes to Fuse are never going to fix the well-reported issues with the Vega+ buttons. That's a hardware problem.
  • It's going to be pretty tricky to fix the performance issues as well. Fuse is pretty well optimized already, and it's not going to be easy at all to find the kind of performance gains needed - unless you're prepared to sacrifice accuracy, which is probably a valid decision.


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